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Environmental Awareness

Saturday, 17 August 2019

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Head of the Operational Risk Group

Doug Bryden

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+ 44 (0)20 7295 3205

Doug joined Travers Smith in 2010 and became a partner in 2012. Doug specialises in UK, EU and international operational regulatory and environmental law and risk management.

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In 2003, we were one of the first major UK law firms to introduce an Environmental Management System. It was put in place following a detailed assessment by external consultants of the impact that the firm, together with its buildings and practices, has on the environment.

The system incorporates a comprehensive range of initiatives designed to minimise our consumption of energy, water and paper. It also features recycling programmes for waste paper, IT equipment, catering and maintenance waste. The system is administered by an environmental management group made up of representatives from the partnership, associate solicitors and support staff who monitor our performance against external benchmarks. For further information please contact Doug Bryden.

Legal Sector Alliance
We are members of the Legal Sector Alliance, a group of law firms committed to taking action on climate change by reducing their carbon footprint and adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

In 2010, we won the Legal Sector Alliance Award for Excellence in Environmental Responsibility.

Other Initiatives
As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint we underwent an assessment in 2009, conducted by The Carbon Neutral Company. Rather than looking to offset our carbon footprint by becoming carbon neutral we decided, in the first instance, to invest instead in new systems and technology which would help us to reduce our overall carbon output.

Initiatives in this regard include the introduction of double-sided printers, a changeover to a green source of electricity, and the installation of LED lights and PIR movement sensitive lighting and a T6 hot and cold water system. We have continued to measure and monitor our carbon footprint through the tools provided by the Legal Sector Alliance and raise awareness of environmental matters within the firm through the promotion of environmental charities and ways in which our employees can help to improve the firm's energy efficiency.

Working with our clients
We always look for opportunities where we can work with our clients on our environmental initiatives. For example, as part of our work for the London Wildlife Trust a team of 13 volunteers, comprising members of our Employment Department and their clients, took part in a conservation day at the Camley Street nature reserve in King´s Cross.

Camley Street nature reserve is a two acre site on the banks of the Regent´s Canal which is managed by the London Wildlife Trust.  A former coal yard, it has been since the mid-1980s a valuable habitat for local wildlife.

The team was divided into two, each of which was involved in hands-on conservation tasks for the day: half re-surfaced the paths with fresh wood chippings, and the other half cleared the ponds in the reserve and planted bulbs.

The day was immensely rewarding and satisfying (if a little tiring) and a healthy team spirit was engendered by the desire to be the first team to complete their allocated task.   The day was positively received by Travers Smith participants and clients alike and is certainly an experience that we plan to repeat.