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Friday, 20 September 2019

As Travers Smith has become an increasingly distinctive law firm, we believe it has also become an increasingly distinctive and attractive place to work. 

The principal reason for this is that we have not sought to meet the challenge of globalisation through merger and large-scale expansion overseas. We have very deliberately chosen a different route. We are strongly of the view that the "best friends" approach to servicing complex cross-border deals continues to be the best.

Having decided on this route and focused primarily on being an English law firm of the highest quality, we have removed the imperative of having to grow through merger and rapid overseas expansion and have been able instead to continue to focus on the two things that we really care about - the quality of our lawyers and the service they provide, and the cohesiveness of our culture.

To a prospective employee, we believe our approach offers the best of both worlds. High-quality work without the institutional disadvantages of huge size. No red tape, no bureaucracy and no billing targets. People who work for us seem to enjoy it.

We have one of the lowest attrition rates in the City. We were voted 'Top City Firm' 2009 by Legal Week's Client Satisfaction Survey and Law Firm of the Year by RollOnFriday in 2007 (a survey voted for by associates). We hope what follows will help to explain why.