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Saturday, 17 August 2019

Here's a taste of what we have to offer:

Quality clients

We have a broad client base comprised mainly of quoted and private companies, financial intermediaries, financial institutions, institutional investors and professional firms based in the UK, the EU and the US. Many are blue chip, many you will have heard of, and some are the envy of larger firms. There they could be lost among bigger names and might not receive the attention that they want and deserve. With us they do.

Quality work

We are not Magic Circle and we don't wish to be. We see ourselves as a top-quality, medium-sized, corporate firm. Although much smaller than the dozen largest firms, we are regularly engaged in high-profile, large-value transactions. What does quality work mean to you? Does working on end-to-end deals of great size, notoriety and complexity really satisfy you if you're playing a bit-part in a cast of thousands or, worse still, if you're flying blind and solo without any help in sight? We're acutely aware that our reputation for excellence has been built on providing a partner-led, quality service and that we're only as good as our last job. If we're too busy or if we're not confident that we can do the job well, we'll have no hesitation in turning it away. But if we take it on, we'll ensure that it receives all the time and attention (at every level) that it requires.

And it's not all about deals. If your interests lie in work of a more advisory nature, we can offer you some of the most demanding, compelling and important work around. We are used to being involved in major projects which help to keep the City as the leading financial centre in Europe through "cutting-edge" products and innovative solutions.

Partnership prospects

Yes, we're choosy when hand-picking our recruits. And yes, we do have one of the highest retention rates of any City law firm. But no, this does not mean poor partnership prospects. In fact, quite the reverse. We are determined to grow steadily and organically. To do this without diluting our culture and the quality of our service, we need to try to ensure that the large amount of partner time which we dedicate to the professional development of all our assistants is time well spent. As a result, we do not recruit simply to make up our numbers. We only take on lawyers who we genuinely believe have the qualities, abilities and potential to succeed at the highest level.

International work

Currently, over 40% of the firm's work involves cross-border advice. International work is an important and growing part of our practice. So there's overseas work (and travel too) if you want it - perhaps more so, in fact, than in the larger firms who have overseas offices. In addition, under our long-established secondment programme, every year a number of lawyers spend between three and 12 months at a foreign law firm. These secondments are voluntary, but they have proved very popular.