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Working with local communities

Saturday, 17 August 2019

We work with our local communities, developing meaningful ties with schools, universities and community groups, and using our influence and legal expertise to help give people better opportunities to access to the legal profession. Highlights of our work include:

Lawyers in Schools Programme 
We have been involved with this initiative for many years and have recently begun a new partnership with The Petchey Academy in Hackney.  The Programme involves teaching a series of lessons to a class of 14-15 year olds on legal issues which affect the lives of young people.

Tower Hamlets Education and Business Partnership and Bangabandhu Primary School in Bethnal Green
We partner with these organisations to run our Reading Partners scheme – where Travers Smith read with children for whom English may not be a first language, along with BEE (Business, Enterprise and Employability) Scheme to help deliver financial literacy workshops for 9-11 year olds.

National LGBT+ Police Association
In the wake of the tragic shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, we have partnered with the National LGBT+ Police Association to deliver an innovative campaign aimed at promoting safety at Pride and other LGBT community events. In addition, we have supported The City of London Police, The Metropolitan Police and other police forces, in developed a cross organisation mentoring scheme for LGBT police officers of all ranks.

Improving access to the legal profession

An important step in broadening access to the legal profession is providing fair access to high quality work experience. For many years, finding work experience opportunities in the legal profession depended largely on who you know, not what you know. We deliver the two following work experience schemes:

PRIME scheme
People from across the firms are involved in running a work experience programme for school-age students who attend a local state school. The programme helps equip students with practical skills to enable them to access various career paths within the legal sector.

Think Forward
We work with this charity to improve opportunities for young people at risk of becoming Not in Education, Employment or Training by offering work experience and training opportunities.

In addition we work with a number of external agencies to help ensure that access to careers in the legal sector is as fair and transparent as possible. These include:
Aspiring Solicitors
Rare Recruitment
Bright Network
City Horizons

Please visit our Graduate Recruitment pages for more information