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Sunday, 25 August 2019

We host a broad and diverse programme of events aimed at promoting an inclusive workplace. The events are aimed at engaging people from all across the Firm, from lawyers to our support staff.

Most recently, we delivered the following sessions:
- An evening with Nigel Owens, the openly gay international rugby referee
- An evening with leading Paralympians and para-athletes
- A celebration of female role models as part of International Women's Day
- Sessions aimed at working families in partnership with Educating Matters

Diversity Week
In November 2015, we held our second Diversity Week event, a series of engaging and informative sessions led by diversity experts, clients and potential clients, as well as our own people, each exploring different aspects of what it means to work in an inclusive workplace. You can read the full programme of events below.

Diversity Week Programme

We will be holding our third Diversity Week later in 2017