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Landmark High Court Decision on Supply Chains and Human Rights

The British Government has defended a claim brought by the World Uyghur Congress ("WUC") and the Global Legal Action Network ("GLUN") (together, the "Claimants") over the alleged failure to tackle imports of Uyghur forced-labour cotton into the UK. Findings from the case create important milestones that have the potential to impact international trade and the use and import of forced labour goods across a wide variety of sectors.

The EU's Digital Services Act reaches its first milestone (as the UK's Online Safety Bill weaves towards the finish)

The EU and the UK are each determined to regulate online content and protect users from online harms. The EU got there first. Its Digital Services Act, which will impact all online intermediaries operating in the EU at varying levels, is already in force.

Linking prices to inflation: a short guide to indexation clauses

With inflation at its highest for many years, many businesses are looking again at price indexation clauses.  This briefing explores when they can be useful, which index to use, and whether the best known index - RPI - has a future.  It's the second in our series of briefings on pricing and payment issues in commercial contracts.

Electricity Generator Levy (EGL) update

Further information on the Electricity Generator Levy ("EGL") has recently been published, including a revised technical note (here), explanatory note (here) and draft legislation (below). Although certain areas remain under consideration, the materials provide much needed clarity on the EGL.

GLI - Fund Finance 2023: Derivatives at fund level

Jonathan Gilmour, Peter Hughes and Joseph Wren have co-authored a chapter in the latest edition of Global Legal Insights' annual fund finance publication highlighting the key structural and documentary legal issues that should be considered by a private capital manager thinking about entering into derivatives transactions at fund level. This chapter was first published in GLI - Fund Finance 2023 (Seventh Edition).

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Strengthening – An Overview of Key Changes to Phase 3

By now, most large UK organisations will be familiar with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ("ESOS"), which is the UK's implementation of Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, requiring those in scope to measure and audit their energy use. In anticipation of ESOS reporting deadline later this year, we outline the main changes to Phase 3, and how they may impact an organisation's energy reporting.

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