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COVID-19: Guidance on Critical Workers

The Government has published its list of "key workers" whose work is considered critical to the COVID-19 response. The guidance is directed at schools, childcare providers, colleges and local authorities in England, and is intended to provide clarity, following the widespread closure of schools, as to which workers are considered sufficiently "key" for their children to be afforded continued care at school.

COVID-19: Checklist for pension scheme trustees

This briefing was updated on 11 May 2020.

The COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak has made many aspects of our lives more difficult but pension scheme members are relying on scheme administration and other trustee activities continuing as normal, so far as possible.

Will COVID-19 change the UK's Brexit strategy?

Although the UK has left the EU, significant change will only take place after the transition period has expired and the UK has moved to a new relationship with the EU. The UK Government has a choice as to how quickly that change happens.

COVID-19: considerations for portfolio companies

The purpose of this note is to focus on issues that could particularly affect portfolio companies of private equity and other financial investors. We have a depth of experience in advising portfolio companies and PE houses at unpredictable times, including throughout the global financial crisis and the uncertainty arising from Brexit.

Cancelling an event due to COVID-19 – what’s the fall out for a consumer-facing business?

The COVID-19 crisis is moving at an alarming pace and it may only be a matter of time before the UK Government announces measures to try to contain its spread. In particular, consumer-facing businesses responsible for holding large-scale public gatherings (such as concerts, performances or conferences) are not only facing the prospect of customers pulling out, but that they themselves may have to cancel such events.

COVID-19 Resources

The rapid global spread of the Covid-19 virus has resulted in significant market volatility and is placing an immense strain on the business community.

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