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Pensions climate change regulations: bitesize video guide

New climate change regulations are coming to pensions. This consultation (running until 10 March 2021) sets out details of the Government's ambitious proposals for new pension scheme governance requirements around climate risks and opportunities. In our view, the regulations are far-reaching and will require a potentially significant commitment from many pension schemes, in some cases starting very soon (1 October 2021).

BNP Paribas defines a restrictive policy to fight deforestation in the Amazon and the Cerrado regions

BNP Paribas, the largest bank in France, has announced today that it will no longer finance firms who produce, or buy, beef or soybeans from land in the Amazon that was cleared or converted after 2008 (and will encourage its clients not to produce or buy beef or soybeans from cleared or converted land in the Cerrado after 1 January 2020).

Business & Human Rights Update: UK Government announces further supply chain restrictions

The evidence outlined by the UK Government includes allegations of forced sterilisation, extra-judicial detention and forced labour. The proposals are intended to "send a clear message that these violations of human rights are unacceptable, and to safeguard UK businesses and public bodies from any involvement or linkage with them".

Trends in global climate change litigation

Despite the significant body of scientific research indicating that we are reaching a tipping point in the global fight against the damaging effects of climate change, global carbon output continues to climb. However, there is growing international consensus around the need for urgent action to reverse the effects of climate change.

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