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Brexit vs cost of living: a key challenge for UK's new PM

Whether it's the Northern Ireland Protocol or what to do about retained EU law, numerous Brexit-related issues continue to lurk in the new Prime Minister's in-tray. A key challenge will be how and where to strike the balance between the urgent need for measures to tackle the cost of living crisis and political pressure for action on Brexit-related issues raised during the leadership campaign. 

The Court of Appeal confirms a single correct test for granting a case management stay

In a case involving an exclusive jurisdiction clause for the English courts and parallel criminal proceedings in the Vatican, the Court of Appeal has confirmed that there is a single correct test for granting a case management stay. The relevant question for the Court is "whether in the particular circumstances it is in the interests of justice for a case management stay to be granted".

When will a confidentiality obligation owed to a third party trump a disclosure obligation in English proceedings?

The recent judgment of the High Court in Palladian Partners & Ors v The Republic of Argentina & Anor [2022] EWHC 2059 (Comm) provides an interesting insight into the factors that will be weighed by the court in determining whether a confidentiality obligation owed to a third party should obviate the need for a party to provide inspection of relevant documents in English litigation.

Time's up: court has no jurisdiction to extend the period for accepting a Part 36 offer

In this decision, the court confirmed that it did not have the power to extend the "relevant period" for acceptance a Part 36 offer. In reaching that conclusion, Master Thornett gave some important reminders about how the Part 36 rules operate in practice, and how the court's approach to them, as a "self-contained code", will differ from its approach to other rules.

Is a rise in CDS defaults on the horizon?

The aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing Russia/Ukraine conflict, and rising inflation and interest rates have exacerbated a slowdown in the world economy. Many borrowers have availed themselves of low-cost debt in the decade since the financial crisis, and some may encounter challenges in servicing or refinancing this debt in a harsher economic climate.

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