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Exporting Dual-Use items to EU Member States from the UK: The new rules

On 16 October 2020, the UK’s Export Control Joint Unit ("ECJU") issued a timely reminder to UK businesses that an Open General Export Licence ("OGEL") will be required where a business is exporting dual-use items, as set out in Annex 1 of EU Regulation 428/2009 (the "Dual-use Regulations"), to any EU member state, and the Channel Islands, from 1 January 2021.

Retained EU case law: Court of Appeal to be allowed to diverge

The Government has published draft legislation extending the ability to diverge from retained EU case law to the Court of Appeal and other courts at the same level (in addition to the Supreme Court).  It had also been considering allowing the High Court and other courts at the same level to diverge, but this option is not being pursued. How significant is this change likely to be in practice?

Brexit: what difference does no deal make?

The UK has recently indicated that, unless there is a "fundamental change in approach" from the EU, it is prepared to exit the transition period without a trade deal. In this briefing, we highlight the key areas where "no deal" is likely to make a difference. 

A blueprint for a bright future: The UK Alternatives Asset Management Industry Framework

We believe it is of paramount importance to protect and develop the alternatives asset management industry in the UK following our exit from the EU in order to maintain the UK's status as a world leader in the sector and to ensure that the wider economy continues to benefit from the deployment of global capital across alternatives asset classes by UK based managers.

Brexit goods shortages: stockpiling is not the only option

With the headlines dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, anyone could have been forgiven for putting Brexit to the back of their mind over the past few months. However, the UK is rapidly approaching the end of the transition period, at which point, amongst many other issues, it is highly likely that there will be disruption to goods supply chains.

Stockpiling for Brexit: 5 key Real Estate questions

With disruption to goods supply chains widely expected at the end of the Brexit transition period on 1 January 2021, businesses which rely on goods from the EU are increasingly re-focussing on contingency plans to stockpile goods. However, finding additional warehousing space is likely to be challenging.

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