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Meet the new Partners: Ed Ford


Congratulations to all of our new partners, who took on their roles on 1 July. Over the coming weeks we will be running our Meet the new partners profile series to introduce them to you. First in the series is Funds Partner, Ed Ford.

When did you join Travers Smith?

I joined Travers Smith as a trainee in September 2011.


What made you want to become a lawyer?

It wasn't something that I thought about at a young age; I grew up surrounded by soldiers (to this day, my dad reminds me that I am the first man in my family since the early 19th century not to join the army), but ultimately, the various law presentations at university sold it pretty well.


What drew you to Travers Smith?

I was drawn by the sale pitch of genuinely high quality, complex work in a unique culture.  I don’t feel mis-sold.


Tell us about your specialism and how you are developing your legal practice?

I'm in the Funds team and when I qualified I was sold the dream of advising mid-market private equity fund managers raise their next fund. I still do a lot of that, but my career has overlapped with a mass expansion of private markets and, happily, my role has become much broader. I now work across lots of asset classes (private equity, credit, special situations, infrastructure, real estate etc) and have also done a lot of work helping fund managers 'create' secondary liquidity events for investors in structures where the underlying assets are illiquid. This is a really fast moving area and one that has been great to be involved in.


How has the firm changed since you joined?

For the better! The firm is much more relaxed – when I joined there was one hour of 'quota time' during which you could go on the internet and the canteen was best left unvisited!


Outside law, what are your other hobbies and interests?

Mainly revolve around changing nappies and playing (or more likely these days) watching sport.


What box sets have you been binge watching during lockdown?

Succession and Line of Duty.

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