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Brexit Market Impact Group

Sunday, 25 August 2019

The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected
(Robert Frost)

Brexit and you

Prior to 24th June 2016, the financial markets did not suspect what was about to unfold in a Referendum vote which re-asserted the old adage that “democracy is the best revenge”.

No-one can now doubt the general direction of the path on which the United Kingdom is set. The new Prime Minister, Theresa May, has affirmed that “Brexit means Brexit”.

While any optimist will tell you, there is opportunity in every difficulty, what should you realistically be doing to plan for the road ahead?

For any participant in the UK’s financial system, material structural, regulatory and legislative change sits firmly on the horizon.

The ride will be bumpy, the specific direction uncertain and the compass subject to magnetic pulls that cannot yet be wholly discerned.       

Our Market Impact Group

At times of uncertainty and potential market volatility, our market-leading team of trusted legal advisers is ideally placed to help you pro-actively manage risk, as well as deal with any adverse market impact.

Travers Smith’s cross-disciplinary ‘Market Impact Group’ is drawn from legal specialists who are all leaders in their fields and have first-hand experience in advising clients in the financial sector at times of market stress.

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