Manasa  Shanker

Manasa Shanker

  • Trainee

Manasa is a fourth seat trainee solicitor in the Competition Department.

Having lived in two vastly different countries, India and England, I have a keen interest in travel and culture. My dream is to visit every country in the world and so far I have managed thirty-three. I am fascinated by the diverse cultural norms of the countries I have visited, and enjoy implementing some of these unique practices into my own lifestyle. I am also passionate about food, both from a culinary and consumption perspective. When I'm not planning my next trip or experimenting in the kitchen, I'm attempting to attend some gym classes to work off the calories.

I started my career at Travers Smith as a paralegal in the Real Estate department, so I had already experienced first-hand the welcoming culture here before applying for a training contract. It is well known that the quality of the work and training at Travers is excellent, but the best part of working here for me is the personable and friendly nature of the people I interact with day-to-day. During my training contract, I have sat in both the Finance and Dispute Resolution departments. My experience has ranged from landlord management work and property portfolio investigations, to acquisition and real estate finance transactions, and a dispute with a foreign jurisdiction element.


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Want to know more?

Want to know more?

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