We frequently advise clients on devising, implementing and managing whistleblowing (or "speak up") programmes.



Whistleblowing has been increasingly in the spotlight in recent years, with several high-profile cases in the media, and whistleblowing claims against employers on the rise. As a result, many organisations are reviewing and revising their whistleblowing policies and procedures and actively encouraging employees to use them, as part of developing an open "speak up" culture.

We work with our clients to improve, or devise from scratch, their whistleblowing or "speak up" policies and processes, including assisting with setting up external reporting routes such as whistleblowing hotlines. We have also delivered business wide training sessions for our clients, covering all staff, managers and board directors, on how to report whistleblowing concerns, and how to deal with any reports received.  Once the whistleblowing programme has been implemented, we continue to advise on an ongoing basis, in relation to handling whistleblowing complaints, as well as regularly reviewing the success of the programme by analysing reports and outcomes.

We also provide support with investigating whistleblowing complaints, as detailed in our Employment Investigations page.

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