Our FinTech team, which is comprised of our technology lawyers and our market-leading financial services practitioners working as a cross-departmental group, mirrors the qualities of those within the sector – innovative, creative and open to being challenged.

From start-ups in the embryonic stages of growth to those leading the way in industry, as well as organisations at the helm of financial market infrastructure, we bring bright, fresh ideas.

Our insight and expertise comes from acting for FinTech giants, financial institutions and household name companies. Across the City our FinTech team has unrivalled experience of advising financial market infrastructure bodies – in particular on the technology systems that underpin the flow of payments both within the UK and globally.

This unparalleled experience of advising at the financial markets infrastructure level gives us a depth of knowledge of the markets and the players in those markets enjoyed by very few other law firms. This flows through to the advice we can offer to anyone operating in this sector. In other words, because we understand the eco-system within which you sit, we can advise you better.


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Dan Reavill
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