IP Disputes

Intellectual property rights are often a business’s most valuable asset.

IP Disputes


In order to protect the value of that IP, a business needs sophisticated, robust and flexible legal advice.

We recognise the importance of having an effective strategy to handle IP disputes and we recognise that there are many ways to resolve a dispute. Whilst a business will always want to protect its IP and be seen in the market to be taking a strong stance, we also appreciate that nobody ever wants to be in a dispute. As such, one of our top priorities when advising you on an IP dispute will be helping you to make commercial and sensible strategic decisions and helping you to get back to "business as usual" as quickly as possible.

We advise on disputes relating to all types of IP rights - from copyright disputes in the software sector to design right infringements in the fashion industry. We also advise on many brand disputes relating to the use of trade marks and domain names, as well as valuable database rights. We have significant experience in handling these types of disputes, whether through litigation or alternative means of dispute resolution.

Whichever side of the dispute you are on, we can give you clear, tailored, technically excellent and strategically sound advice. Our international network also allows us to ensure that your IP is protected and defended, wherever it may be challenged.


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