Product Liability

Product Liability


In today’s global environment information is communicated faster than ever before and supply chains are increasingly complex, resulting in business activities being more exposed to the public’s watchful eye. Sophisticated and intelligent product liability risk management procedures and crisis response capabilities are now essential.

Often, the risks faced in product liability cases are not just monetary. Your reputation and trading relationships can also be affected. With extensive experience defending blue-chip and international clients, our team of product litigation and regulatory lawyers provides the expertise you need, blending top-end litigation capability with market-leading regulatory practice making us the first choice for responsible businesses.

We have helped clients with a range of product liability disputes – including individual claims, class actions and product recalls – across a wide array of industries including consumer products, electronics, toys, cosmetics, automotive, medical devices, pharmaceutical, asbestos and tobacco.

We understand that proactivity and reactivity are needed in product liability cases. To ensure you are equipped to prevent such issues from arising, and react quickly and appropriately when they do, we also provide pragmatic and focused advice on your processes, procedures and governance of product compliance and liability risks.

Whether you are looking to prevent or manage a product liability matter, we devise co-ordinated strategies that protect your interests on all fronts.

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