Cyber security & data breaches

Every business needs to protect its most critical information.

Cyber security & data breaches


If, despite your best efforts, your business does have a security breach, you can rely upon our team of specialists to provide reassuring support and guidance.

We will work alongside you and your crisis management teams to advise on sensitive, business-critical, and potentially reputation-damaging, data security breaches. With our help, you can comply with regulatory requirements and mitigate the effects of the crisis as far as possible. Working closely with you is essential in this process and our lawyers are very used to becoming part of your crisis team. We will play a key role in liaising with regulators and other interested parties on your behalf.

We also help our clients to be proactive in planning for a security breach and will help you to devise strategies to minimise the effects.

A cyber-attack or security breach can manifest itself in many different ways and the risks that any particular breach poses to your business will be different every time. It may be that money has been intercepted or extorted, your confidential information may have been compromised or your business relationships put at risk. Our lawyers have experienced all of these situations and can guide you through them if the worst happens.


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