Financial Services & Markets

Financial services are wide-ranging and complex.

Financial Services & Markets


These services and the regulations that govern them continually evolve in step with the fast-changing world of commerce that they underpin. To navigate any charted or yet to be charted waters, businesses need experienced advisors who can resolve extremely complex problems while delivering clear, practical advice.

Our highly regarded Financial Services & Markets team routinely advises on complex, precedent-setting projects that have market significance or international reach. We are best known for:

  • our work in the alternative asset management sector, advising clients with over US$ 4.5 trillion of assets under management
  • our financial market infrastructure work, advising clients who are responsible for transactions involving trillions of pounds of financial assets on a daily basis.

We have been at the forefront of market developments for more than 20 years and we take great pride in influencing the development of financial regulation at a national and supranational level.

Our clients know that we will deliver clear, practical advice in a user-friendly way. Whether you need advice on domestic or pan-European regulatory and compliance issues, we can help with:

  • major regulatory change projects
  • investment management and global custody services
  • structuring, establishment and promotion of investment fund vehicles
  • financial markets infrastructure
  • new payment products and services
  • securities trading and brokerage
  • clearance and settlement matters
  • market conduct issues
  • regulatory capital requirements
  • remuneration regulation

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