Transactional Tax

Our clients come to us with some of the toughest national and global tax challenges.

Transactional Tax


They know that we are more than simply tax experts; we are practical and commercial people. A friendly team from a variety of backgrounds who will work for the long-term until problems are solved.

Tax is often part of a bigger picture. It is contextual, embedded in the fabric of every commercial engagement. For us, it is about simplifying complexity and building enduring value. Our clients want recommendations, not options. So we get straight to the point, focusing on the outcomes that matter the most.

To achieve that, it is not enough to have the most talented and experienced legal minds in the industry; you need people that truly understand your goals. This has naturally led to smarter team structures that can be both discreet and supportive. Less confrontation, more collaboration.

Our core strength lies in private equity, corporate advisory, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), investment funds, incentives and real estate.  The team is well regarded and the diversity of our practice areas means that we are used to advising on a wide range of challenging issues.

For all our clients, from long-established global brands to innovative entrepreneurs, our advice goes beyond legal analysis to address wider practical and strategic issues, with a sharp business focus. The intention of our advice is always to achieve the best possible commercial and sustainable outcome.

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