Business Separations

Buying or selling companies which are part of a wider group is becoming more common.

Business Separations


If you are gearing up for such a transaction, you will have realised that complex issues inevitably arise. We can put a team at your disposal with all the expertise required to achieve your vision.

Your focus is your business. And when you engage us, it is our focus too. We keep your long-term vision for the business at heart, and ensure that any separation process supports this.

We work with clients across all sectors on a range of short and long-term separation and transition agreements. We will work with you through the entire process, taking time at the outset to understand your business and what is important to it before and after the transaction.

Our experience tells us that during the fast-moving process of a business separation, parties can easily overlook something significant. By having lawyers like us on your side with the right technical skills and business nous, you can be confident that these will be efficiently identified and addressed.

We also believe it is essential that lawyers are able to understand and work through the differing requirements of both sellers and purchasers. And this, too, is integral to our approach.

Separation exercises often require a wide range of expertise. This could include intellectual property (IP), information technology (IT), real estate, commercial contracts and employment advice. By working with us, you will benefit from our cross-departmental approach, giving you ready access to all the specialist advice your project requires.


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