Sana Shafi

Sana Shafi

  • Trainee

Sana is a second seat trainee solicitor in the Funds Department.

I am a food, literature, and start-up enthusiast. I love working on social impact projects, spending time with friends and family, exploring the London food markets, or trying my hand at something new. I am currently working on a small diversity start-up which is now a year old. My most recent goals are to learn some basic coding and to attempt to replicate my father’s culinary expertise without burning down the kitchen. I am also keen on archery, having spent a year in my University Archery Club, and am hoping to explore more sporty interests in the not-so-distant future.

I received a training contract offer after completing the Summer Vacation Scheme. During the scheme, I was impressed by not only the quality of work on offer, but also the friendliness of the people at Travers Smith. I also really liked the training system in place, from the non-hierarchal room shares, the small trainee intake, and the tea selection, which were all important considerations for me. 

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