Widening access

Many young people know that it can be a struggle to find high quality work experience. Sometimes it is more about who you know than what you know – we hope to change that.


To help broaden access to the legal profession, we offer a variety of work experience schemes.

Our schemes are designed to provide students with practical experience within a law firm and offer a valuable first step in developing a career in law.

Students are introduced to people and teams from departments across the firm, giving them a chance to gain real hands-on experience by sampling lots of different aspects of the role of a lawyer.

Our work experience schemes include

PRIME scheme

People from across the firm are involved in running a work experience programme for local state school students. The programme helps give students practical skills to direct them towards various career paths in the legal sector.

Pathways to Law & City Horizons

These schemes involve providing quality work experience opportunities for university students from state school backgrounds who wish to access careers in law. We support them by offering mentoring opportunities, training and ongoing support during their undergraduate studies.

In addition we work with a number of external agencies to help ensure that access to careers in the legal sector is as fair and transparent as possible. These include:

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