Data and the Digital Economy Series: Auditing AI and algorithms - how to best prepare for the future

  • Start: 10:00 AM
  • End: 11:00 AM
Data and the Digital Economy Series: Auditing AI and algorithms - how to best prepare for the future


Last year we experienced an accelerated growth in the use of data and data driven technologies, such as AI, algorithms and machine learning, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, as businesses continue to find new opportunities for adopting and deploying AI, algorithms and machine learning, it is vital that the use of this technology is managed effectively, ethically, securely and in accordance with regulatory requirements.

Have you considered how to explain to customers or clients how such technologies are being used? Is your Board fully briefed on all the implications of such technology, particularly if something were to go wrong and need explaining publicly? 

In our second webinar, jointly hosted by Travers Smith and techUK, and chaired by Baroness Nicky Morgan, our panellists will discuss the factors that businesses should consider when deploying algorithms, the legal and other risks they face, and how these can be mitigated through an effective audit and compliance framework. The panel will consider:

  • What tools, techniques, and processes can businesses use to effectively audit AI? What role can AI technology itself play as an auditing tool?
  • How should businesses strike a balance between competing ethical principles, such as transparency and privacy?
  • How do you effectively operationalise the ICO's AI auditing framework? Is further guidance or support necessary for businesses?
  • How can businesses best prepare for the future developments in AI auditing? Are we doing enough to make this a board-level priority? 

Our panellists

Our panel of speakers consists of:

  • Baroness Nicky Morgan - former Digital Secretary, now a consultant at Travers Smith
  • James Longster - IP and Technology partner at Travers Smith LLP
  • Shawn Curran - Head of Legal Technology at Travers Smith LLP
  • Maria Axente - Responsible AI and AI for Good Lead at PwC
  • Alister Pearson - Senior Policy Officer at Information Commissioner's Office

Please contact Olivia Burgess with any questions about the webinar.

Travers Smith panellists

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