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Individual redundancies: part 1 - pooling and selection

Individual redundancies: part 1 - pooling and selection


Welcome to the third in our series of short podcasts from the Employment team. Our podcasts are designed to give a basic overview of different areas of employment law, either as a refresher or by way of learning for those newer to HR.

Episode 3 focuses on individual redundancies. In this episode we take a look at different redundancy scenarios and how you go about pooling and selecting employees for redundancy:

  • What are the different redundancy scenarios that can arise?
  • In which scenario would you need to pool employees?
  • What does "bumping" mean in a redundancy situation?
  • How do selection criteria and scoring work for the employees in the pool?
  • What happens after the initial selection?

If you would like to discuss any aspect of this further, please get in touch with us below, or speak to your usual employment department contact.



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