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Five tips on protecting the environment from home


With a global pandemic in full vigour, it may be tempting to put the protection of the environment on the back burner. However, the environment still needs us all to play our part. Here are five tips on how you can continue to protect the environment while working from home.

  1.  Reduce food waste! See the following video for useful tips on how to make your perishable groceries last longer. Also watch this space for an update from the Travers Smith Kitchen, who will be providing us with creative ways to turn old leftovers into new recipes.

  2. Put on a jumper! Research from WSP UK, a London engineering consulting firm, shows that remote working in the UK may only be more environmentally friendly in the summer. Examining the carbon output of 200 UK workers across different locations, researchers found that the environmental impact of remote working was higher in the winter due to the need to heat individual workers' buildings versus one office building. So, to save money and reduce your environmental impact, lower or switch off your heating completely during the day.

  3. Reduce travel! This may seem obvious in light of current circumstances, but once travel bans have been lifted, it will be tempting to book a number of flights to compensate for months of staying at home. Carry out research now on how you can reduce or mitigate any future travel, including looking at the Carbon Footprint's website here for the best ways to calculate, reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

  4. Get the children involved! Follow daily Earth Live Lessons with Lizzie Daily, Biologist & Wildlife Broadcaster, for 20 minute kid-friendly daily lessons with some of the world's most inspiring conservationists, scientists and wildlife specialists.

  5. Carry on recycling! Many councils have had to close their Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs) and are reducing their waste services to protect the safety of the public and operatives. However, rubbish disposal is still seen as a "key service" and most councils continue to allow for rubbish to be recycled. Consult your local council recycling websites for the latest information on recycling in your area.

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