Victoria Alvarez-Rendueles



Travers Smith fast facts:

Name: Victoria Alvarez-Rendueles 

University: Columbia University 

Degree and subject: History with a minor in English Literature

Current department: Corporate M&A and ECM

Previous departments: Funds 

Victoria Alvarez-Rendueles shares the highlights of her training contract and skills she applies from her history degree.

"I chose to build my career at Travers Smith because of its high-quality work and training and its exceptional reputation as a workplace. My experience on the vacation scheme, particularly the approachable and friendly people that I met across the Firm, confirmed that this was the right place to begin my career.

My Travers Smith Journey 

As someone who is highly motivated by a problem and finding its solution, I love that my role as a trainee solicitor exposes me to a collection of ever-evolving, complicated challenges. Although at times overwhelming, these problems are easier to overcome in the collaborative atmosphere of the Firm. There is a real readiness to support, understand and solve problems together.

As a historian, I have found that many of the skills I cultivated and mastered during my degree have been transferable and indispensable as a trainee solicitor. These skills include in-depth research, succinctly expressing myself, analysing documents and, most crucially, critical thinking. I believe that anyone with an inquisitive mind, a solid work ethic and a good attitude, no matter what their degree, can make a great lawyer.

My Typical Day 

There is no one 'typical' day at the Firm for a trainee, and that is the best part about the training contract. My main responsibilities also vary depending on where I am in a transaction, what department I find myself in and who I am working for. I have been responsible for drafting documents, general project management, replying to client emails, setting up signatures, filings and just about everything in between.

I have recently signed up to 'Reading Partners', a scheme run by Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership. I take time during the school year to read with Year 4 students at Bangabandhu Primary school in Bethnal Green. This helps children develop essential literacy skills and gives them the chance to speak to their reading partners and learn something about their work (perhaps giving some early inspiration to future lawyers and Business Services professionals). Over the lockdown, I participated in the 'Writing Partners' scheme, which temporarily replaced ‘Reading Partners’ and involved becoming pen pals with a primary school child over a few months.

After work, I have (re)discovered going to the cinema, and I love going on late evening runs before dinner (the days I get out of work in time). I love living in London because there are always so many exciting things to do in this city. 

The Travers Smith Culture 

The Firm's culture is unique. Professional, inclusive, enthusiastic, hardworking and bright are just a few of the words I would use to describe Travers Smith. The Firm and its culture are made by its people, and Travers Smith has great people. There is always someone to lend an ear, or a helping hand, and people always want to help you improve and learn. It is truly an encouraging and inspiring place to work.

I am a member of the Enable Group. The group's purpose is to promote Travers Smith as a workplace where anyone with a neurological, sensory or mobility difference can thrive. The fact that a group like this exists and is active says a lot about how Travers Smith thinks about Diversity and Inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion is not just a tick box exercise but a crucial part of the business and culture of the Firm.

My Top Tips for Applicants 

  • Dedicate a lot of time to your applications (treat it like a full-time job). It is about quality over quantity.

  • Reach out to as many people in law as possible to add essential insights to your research."

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