Q&A with Travers Smith's CSR Art Programme artist Aisha Northeast

Q&A with Travers Smith's CSR Art Programme artist Aisha Northeast

Tell us a little about yourself

I am a UK-based fashion and portrait photographer who was born in London but raised in a small village in Buckinghamshire, my experiences as a child shaped who I am today and are the basis of my major project.

I cannot remember when I started photography but I remember the feeling when I captured something I was proud of and would run over to show my mum what I had created. My love for photography and that feeling kept growing and I have not looked back since.

Tell us more about your practice

I feel that my practice is still evolving and my photography is always changing, so I always find it hard to answer questions like “what kind of photographer are you?". During the pandemic, I was forced to rethink and take myself out of my comfort zone. I started shooting self-portraits for my major project and it has changed the way I shoot and given me a different perspective of my subjects.

My major project was such a massive shift in what I had been creating before, but I loved every second of it. Creating work that was so personal to me and my journey was such an incredible feeling and is something that I want to continue in my practice.

How does it feel to be featured in Travers Smith's CSR Art Programme

2021 was such a surreal time, but being selected for the Travers Smith’s Art Programme was the boost I needed at the time. Submitting my work, I had no expectations of being selected, so when I got the good news it motivated me and helped me push past the lockdowns and restrictions. I am so excited about what is next.

What's next on the horizon for you

​​​​​​​Following graduating with a BA Photography at the University of Westminster, I was able to be a part of some incredible exhibitions and I was given the opportunity to work with Mary McCartney shooting for Cartier at the Saatchi gallery. I have no idea what is next for me but I hope that it will be more things like this and continuing to work towards becoming a photographer full time one day.


Aisha was one of our 2021-22 artists. Read about more of our Art Programme artists here.

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