Q&A with Travers Smith's CSR Art Programme artist Jessica Rimondi

Q&A with Travers Smith's CSR Art Programme artist Jessica Rimondi

Tell us a little about yourself

I am an Italian artist, based between London, Berlin and Turin. I have been living in Berlin for six years, where I conducted the majority of my artistic research before moving to London to study at the University of Westminster. I started painting very young, at the age of 10, when I first discovered a technique of third fire porcelain decoration. From then on my interest never stopped and has since grown into a limitless curiosity for painting, materials and sounds. As a teenager, I also worked in the theatre, which led and inspired me to start incorporating music into my installation pieces. 

Tell us more about your Holy Easter! Holy London! Holy!? 

Holy Easter! Holy London! Holy! is part of the Consideration around a City series which I started when I arrived in London. 

It is a series where I go around the city I live in, taking photos of certain places and situations which I find peculiar. Most of the time these subjects are related to the imaginary history of art to remind us that little things from everyday life can be valuable as a "a work of art", showing us a new significance for moments we might never pay attention to; and also giving us a glimpse of the shift between past and contemporary, recollection and objectivity, sensory and scientific. 

How did it feel to be selected to take part in this year's CSR Art Programme?

I was so pleased that Travers Smith and the University of Westminster were working together to give this opportunity to student artists – I'm very glad and honoured for the opportunity to take part to it! Linking with a firm like Travers Smith made me especially excited, because I hope to learn to about working with corporate business, an aspect of work which some artists tend to neglect!

How do you think being featured will help you in your emerging career?

Being part of the Travers Smith Art Programme has helped me in a number of ways. Their lawyers have been incredibly helpful in providing me with legal information regarding setting up as a freelance artist in the UK. In addition, seeing the quality of the other selected artists, and the opportunity to engage with a new audience in a completely new environment is also incredibly important (and helpful) for me.

What's next on the horizon for you?

There is a load of work in progress and "in fieri"! I recently ended a residency program in Itaparica, Brazil, at the Sacatar Foundation, where I developed a new installation piece Epiphany oriented on the local industrial and religious history. I have also been invited to participate in the residency programme of Yaddo in Saratoga, New York, which I hope could be the next step in developing a new painting series. In the meantime, I moved back to Berlin for the production of Stabat Mater, an important piece for my personal research, which is connected with the photography taken within the Fountayne Road community.


Jessica was one of our 2017-18 artists. Read about more of our Art Programme artists here.

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