Navigating the sustainable finance agenda

Navigating the sustainable finance agenda


Sustainable finance is of rapidly growing importance as increasing regulatory pressures and demand from investors promote the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in investment portfolios.

Visit our dedicated ESG and sustainable finance page where we discuss: Issues for asset managers and financial intermediaries, Issues for pension schemes and their sponsors, Issues in debt finance and derivatives, Issues for corporates, Issues for real estate investors, developers and landlords, and Litigation risk.

Our sustainable business webinar series and regular briefings focus on sustainable business themes particularly relevant to alternative asset managers. Aimed at business leaders, senior executives, general counsel and legal and compliance teams, they will cover the key sustainability issues for 2021 and the impact they will have on private markets in Europe.

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Sustainable business

Our resources are designed to help you and your business to anticipate regulatory developments, proactively manage risk and achieve your sustainable business objectives.

Sustainable business
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