Emma Niven

Emma Niven

Director of Business Change

When Emma joined the firm in 2016 there was no project/change function. Emma’s role has been to set up sufficient governance to give control but not too much that it stifles enthusiasm or entrepreneurship.

Change is owned and driven by the business service teams – Emma’s role is to provide support, insight, tools, cohesion; Emma joins the dots and helps everyone feel part of something special. The headline projects are undoubtedly important but sustainable change is about giving due attention to the foundational processes so that they just work and make everyone's life easier.

Emma spent her early career working for a brilliant man, Dick Le Hunte, who taught her how to design training and drive change. Emma then co-ran an independent consultancy for 22 years as she raised her children. Following that, Emma was eager to 'do' rather than 'consult' and joined Travers Smith.

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