Francesca Lawrenson

Francesca Lawrenson

  • Trainee

Francesca is a fourth seat trainee solicitor in the Corporate Department.

I graduated in 2017 and, following law school, began my training contract in September 2018. Having grown up in London, I often go home to see my family (and more importantly, my family dog) but also love to discover new countries and their cuisines and cultures. I am currently trying to improve my culinary skills, but have so far found my enthusiasm to greatly outweigh my talents. Outside of work, I enjoy nothing more than a good pub quiz, and spend my time reading, following the trials and tribulations of Derby County, and getting overly invested in crime dramas.

I chose to train at Travers Smith because of the excellent reputation it holds within the City, the emphasis on high-quality-training, and, most importantly, the friendliness of those I met during the application process. Luckily, since beginning my training contract, my lofty expectations have been met!

During my seat in Dispute Resolution, my work centred on the Hewlett-Packard fraud litigation in the immediate run-up to trial. In the Finance Department, my work has contrasted hugely to this, mainly being engaged with borrower-side acquisition finance.

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