What are the hidden FX risks in your pension scheme's portfolio?
  • Start: 04:30 PM
  • End: 05:30 PM


Join Travers Smith and Validus Risk Management on Monday 22nd November for a webinar exploring the hidden FX risks in pension scheme porfolios. Register your interest in attending below. 

We are delighted to have Tim Middleton from the Pensions Management Institute moderate this interactive panel discussion, which will address the following questions:

  • Is FX hedging suitable for private capital portfolios?  

  • What are the main attributes of a successful FX hedging programme for pension fund managers?

  • What are the legal aspects that need to be considered when implementing an FX hedging programme?

  • Tim Middleton - Moderator - Director of Policy and External Affairs at PMI

  • Kevin Lester - CEO of Validus Risk Management

  • Jonathan Gilmour - Head of Derivatives & Structured Products at Travers Smith

  • Vanessa Battaglia - Senior Counsel at Travers Smith

Please contact Alex Franklin with any questions about the webinar.

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