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Black History Month 2022 - Leander A. Dolphin in conversation with Mahesh Varia

Black History Month 2022 - Leander A. Dolphin in conversation with Mahesh Varia


Earlier this year, Mahesh Varia, Partner and Head of Travers Smith's Incentives and Remuneration Group, met Leander A. Dolphin, Managing Partner of Shipman & Goodwin, at Harvard Law School where they were both delegates on the Leadership in Law Firms programme. With so few senior black leaders in law, both in the UK and the US, Mahesh asked Leander to participate in this podcast Q&A for Black History Month to discuss black talent, representation, role modelling and much more.


The Podcast can be listened to in the following three parts:

First 38 minutes - Mahesh talks to Leander about her background, career and entering the legal profession

Minutes 38 to 56 - Leander shares her views about role modelling and the importance of visibility

Minutes 56 to 64 - Leander tells us what more we can do as individuals to become effective allies for black and minority ethnic people

About Leander

Leander A. Dolphin is managing partner of Shipman & Goodwin LLP. In private practice and as former vice president of human resources and general counsel for the Girl Scouts of Connecticut, Leander has dedicated her career to advising educational institutions and organizations that foster the development of children, youth and young adults.

A skilled educator in her own right, Leander has been an adjunct professor of education law at Quinnipiac University School of Law. She also conducts a wide range of workshops for public- and private-sector clients on topics such as sexual harassment, bullying, special education, disability and other forms of discrimination, and confidentiality.


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