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Travers Smith and techUK's Data and the Digital Economy Series: Managing cybersecurity risks to your business


This webinar is the third in our series of webinars on topics related to Data and the Digital Economy, jointly hosted by Travers Smith and techUK, and chaired by Baroness Nicky Morgan. We are also joined on this occasion by cybersecurity experts, FTI Consulting.

The effective management of cybersecurity risks is firmly on the boardroom agenda. A cyber breach can cause untold damage to a business – in terms of the loss of sensitive information, damage to reputation, and the risk of regulatory fines and civil claims. The risks of a cyber breach are arguably greater to businesses than ever before - cyber threat actors are more organised, and developing ever more sophisticated means of attack, critical infrastructure is increasingly reliant on the secure operation of IT systems, and the huge proliferation in working remotely which the Covid 19 pandemic has brought about, have all contributed to this.

In this webinar, our panellists consider:

  • The scale and nature of cybersecurity threats, key trends, and the impact of Covid 19
  • The legal and regulatory risks associated with a cyber attack
  • How technical and regulatory risks can be mitigated
  • The view from the ground: how one business is addressing the risk


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We have produced a briefing summary of the points made in the webinar:

Read the PDF of this publication below. Alternatively you can download to print, to save for later or for a different experience.

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External speakers

Joshua Burch – Senior Managing Director & Head of Cybersecurity, EMEA, FTI Consulting

Sian John – Director SCI Strategic Growth Business Development, Microsoft

Travers Smith panelists

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