Webinar: The new UK Asset Holding Company Regime


We recently hosted a webinar on the UK's new Qualifying Asset Holding Company Regime (QAHC) which will come into effect from April 2022.

The new QAHC regime is part of a wider review looking at enhancing the UK’s competitiveness in the funds and asset management sector and is intended to make the UK a more attractive location for asset holding. Its availability will be particularly welcome for many asset managers who have been concerned about the need to build substance in other asset holding jurisdictions (particularly Luxembourg), especially in the light of the ATAD III proposals.

In this webinar, our panel discussed the criteria that must be met for a company to qualify as a QAHC and the UK tax benefits of QAHCs, as well as looking at some practical examples as to how they might be used in fund and deal structures, focussing on private equity, credit and real estate strategies.


Please note that this webinar is for information purposes only. It is not legal advice and should not be relied upon. It is not a substitute for taking specific legal advice in any particular situation. No liability is accepted by Travers Smith, its employees, partners or any other person for the content of this webinar or for the consequences of any action taken or not taken in reliance upon it.

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