Recruitment - Support and adjustments for candidates

Recruitment - Support and adjustments for candidates


Accessibility statement

If you have any accessibility issues in reviewing this document, please notify a member of the Travers Smith HR team so that the document can be provided in your preferred format, such as large print, audio, or braille.


At Travers Smith, we are committed to ensuring that people who have a disability and/or long-term condition are empowered in their identity, valued equally and listened to. As a result, the firm has a working group ("Enable") to ensure that these values are embedded in the firm's culture and materially felt by the people who work here. The group is eager to foster an environment where:  

  • the gateway to getting assistance and adjustments is barrier free and accessible for all;

  • due care and consideration is given to all aspects of the firm's policies and processes to ensure they are designed inclusively; and

  • materials, information and training is readily available and accessible for those who need and/or want it.

An important component in delivering on the above is to ensure the firm provides an inclusive and accessible recruitment process designed to attract a wide range of talent and give all candidates, including those who have a disability and/or long-term condition, the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and potential.

This page outlines what support and adjustments are available for candidates during the recruitment process. It also includes information on accessing the office and supplementary materials to help candidates familiarise themselves with our environment.  

If you have any questions on the recruitment process at Travers Smith, or more broadly the work of our Enable group, please don't hesitate to contact either a member of our HR team (if a direct applicant) or ask questions via the recruitment agency you are being introduced by.

Applying to the firm

Both direct candidates and recruitment agencies are asked to submit applications through our recruitment portal (cvMail). All live vacancies can be found on our website. If direct candidates or recruitment agencies have any accessibility issues when using this software, please notify a member of the Travers Smith HR team. If candidates would like to discuss submitting their application in an alternative format, they are encouraged to discuss this with the firm's HR Team either directly or via the recruitment agency they are being introduced by.

The firm is currently accredited under Level 2 of the Government's Disability Confident employer regime. As a result, where candidates tell us they have a disability and meet the minimum criteria for the role, they will be invited to interview.

Approach to recruitment

We believe that a successful recruitment and selection process should be objective, transparent and fair. It should accurately assess the different skills and experience candidates have for the role and not put any individual at a disadvantage because they have a disability and/or long-term condition. 

As part of the recruitment process, our HR team (either directly or via the recruitment agency), will confirm the following:

  • the format and structure of the interview/selection process;

  • whether the interview will be conducted in person or virtually;

  • what, if any, assessments or exercises candidates will be asked to complete;

  • who candidates will be meeting; and

  • how long the interview process will last.

Our HR team will proactively ask all candidates (either directly or via the recruitment agency) if they need any adjustments or support for the recruitment process. The firm is committed to considering all requests for adjustments to the recruitment process. If we are unable to accommodate a request for an adjustment, the reasons for this will be discussed with the individual and alternative solutions considered. Please note, there is no requirement for candidates to tell the firm about any disability or long-term condition if they do not wish to do so, and we are only asking candidates about adjustments to the recruitment process itself. Separately, the firm is also committed to considering requests for adjustments or support in relation to any role that is offered to a successful candidate who has a disability and/or long-term condition.

Any adjustments will be made on a case-by-case basis and designed to remove or reduce the barriers faced. Examples of adjustments include (but are not limited to):

  • communication support (e.g. a British Sign Language interpreter);

  • alternative assessment formats (e.g. verbal over written);

  • virtual interview;

  • more time to complete assessments or the removal of timed assessments; and

  • larger screens if the assessment is on a computer, software adjustments, a person to read for you.
Attending the office

It is important to us that candidates coming to our office to interview feel comfortable with the environment and can find us easily. To support with this, the below outlines the best way to find the office. It also includes a number of pictures of the office, reception area and meeting rooms, so candidates can familiarise themselves with their environment before arriving.

If candidates would like any assistance travelling from the station they arrive into (whether that is someone from Travers Smith meeting them and guiding them to the office), they should notify a member of the Travers Smith HR team (if a direct applicant) or via their recruitment agency.

Finding us

Our office address is 10 Snow Hill, London, EC1A 2AL. We are conveniently located between a number of mainline underground and overground stations including:

City Thameslink

(Step-free access from street to platform level at Ludgate Hill exit. No lift access at Holborn Viaduct exit)

Holborn Viaduct route:

Farringdon Station

(Step-free access from street to platform level)


Chancery Lane

(No lift access)


London Bridge

(Step-free access from street to platform level)


The office

To help familiarise candidates with the Travers Smith office, below is a collection of photos showing the outside of the building, the reception areas and a typical meeting room an interview would be held in:

Snow Hill entrance


Hosier Lane entrance


Ground floor reception


5th floor reception


Typical meeting room


Meeting room entrance

For further information, please contact

Simon Howard-Drake
Billy Mercer
Sophie  Bawden

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