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Getting ready for pensions dashboards

Getting ready for pensions dashboards


In this "Getting ready for pensions dashboards" series (recorded in February 2023), we discuss what actions schemes need to take to prepare for pensions dashboards.

Four industry experts met with us in February 2023 to share their views and experience on key actions for schemes. We were delighted to be joined by:

  • Chris Curry, Principal of the Pensions Dashboards Programme at MAPS
  • Geraldine Brassett, Senior Consultant (WTW) and a member of PASA's Pensions Dashboards Working Group
  • Chris Connelly, a member of PASA's Pensions Dashboards Working Group who represents PASA within the Pensions Dashboards Programme and is Chief Strategy Officer at Heywood Pension Technologies
  • Robin Harries, Consultant (Quietroom)

Our partners Susie Daykin, David James, Richard Brown and James Longster joined the discussions alongside Senior Counsel Chris Widdison and Associate Gaurav Srivastava. The session was chaired by Partner Niamh Hamlyn and covered three key areas: (1) Engaging with administrators; (2) Monitoring and managing risks; (3) Communicating with members outside the dashboards ecosystem.


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