Life cycle of an early stage tax dispute

Life cycle of an early stage tax dispute


Welcome to our interactive guide to the lifecycle of the early stages of a tax dispute.

The early stages of a dispute are often the most important, and encompass informal enquiries from HMRC, just as much as formal enquiry notices. We work with our clients to ensure that the majority of disputes are settled before they end up in front of a judge, and those that do progress that far can be shaped by decisions made early in the process. It is imperative that taxpayers involve us at the beginning of an enquiry so that they are well advised and can make careful, considered decisions in these early stages – all the more so given that the process can be time intensive and difficult to navigate.

The interactive timeline is intended to assist our clients by cutting through the complexity and breaking down the constituent parts of an early stage tax dispute into practical, bitesize chunks. We start with an introduction and insights into the current landscape from leading tax barrister Francis Fitzpatrick QC – watch the video below to find out more.

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