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Off-Payroll Workers: Prepare now for the 2021 changes


Major changes to the tax rules for off-payroll workers in the private sector will come into force next April after a year's deferral due to the Covid-19 pandemic. From that date, businesses engaging workers through intermediary companies or agencies will have increased responsibility for checking the status of these workers and, where required, operating PAYE in relation to payments to them.

This webinar provides a reminder of the new rules and offer practical advice on how to prepare your business to comply with them. Topics covered include: 

  • The steps that you need to take to comply with the new rules

  • Determining the status of your workers – key points to consider and how to set up the right procedures for making the determination

  • Reviewing and drafting contractual terms

  • Practical compliance points, and

  • Insuring potential risks

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