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Real Estate bitesize video series - Episode 3: AGAS and GAGAs: what are they and are you exposed?


This series of bitesize videos will be a chance to hear from various members of the Real Estate team on need-to-know updates and topical issues in the sector.

In the third of the series, Senior Counsel Sarah Walker and Knowledge Counsel Sarah Faull take a look at AGAs and GAGAs. As various restrictions have been put in place to protect tenants under leases, these restrictions do not prevent landlords from claiming for arrears under an AGA/GAGA. This webinar focusses on the basics from the perspective of a guarantor under one of these instruments, including:

  • What are AGAs/GAGAs?
  • What are the difficulties with including them?
  • Identifying AGA and GAGA structures that are not legally valid
  • What can/can't a guarantor do to protect itself?



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