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Travers Smith marks Mental Health Awareness Week 2021


Travers Smith LLP is proud to mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 with a series of seminars and workshops aimed at raising awareness of mental health challenges and promoting mindfulness and self-care.

Initiatives that the firm will be running this week include:

  • Running a communications campaign, aligned with the national theme for this year's Mental Health Awareness Week, encouraging partners and employees to get outside and to connect with nature. 
    • This complements a very recent collective activity/distance challenge run across the firm over a six week period in which more than 370 people took part. We want to maintain momentum behind taking a break and getting outside. During Mental Health Awareness Week we will continue this theme and include new engagement initiatives connected with nature such as a photographic competition and a mini seed planting initiative across the firm.   
  • Running a series of webinars focused on topics such as resilience and overcoming feelings of inadequacy, the impacts of bereavements and digital sanity.
  • Running a panel discussion with our Dispute Resolution Department looking at how the team has taken its first steps to implement the Mindful Business Charter and looking at how we will now roll this out across the firm.
  • Running Daily Calm mindfulness sessions as part of our commitment to offer free access to the app for employees, partners and their family members.
  • Training 50 new Mental Health First Aid Aware volunteers to join our cohort of 25 that were trained previously.

Mental health and resilience continue to be important topics for Travers Smith, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic, which has had an impact on everyone's mental health over the past year. Throughout the crisis, the firm has considered how it can support health in its widest sense, recognising that a combination of initiatives could play a role in safeguarding emotional and physical health, as well as building resilience against infection and creating a general improved sense of wellbeing.  Some of the initiatives that have been launched include:

  • Providing fortnightly benefits and wellbeing updates, ensuring there is a high level of awareness of initiatives put in place to support employees and partners across the firm.
  • Offering weekly virtual sessions focused on breathing for relaxation techniques and teaching some neck and shoulders self-massage techniques.
  • Providing ongoing free access to The Sleep School's online resources and apps, alongside a month-long training programme run in the autumn.
  • Providing free counselling services to all employees and partners, alongside a 24/7 helpline facility.
  • Providing free membership of, facilitating access to mindfulness and meditation sessions, relaxing music, sleep stories and more.
  • Provided a wealth of resources in a dedicated "Your Wellbeing" Hub.

Travers Smith's HR Director, Moira Slape, commented: "After a year when so many people have been experiencing feelings of anxiety and isolation in relation to the ongoing pandemic, as a firm we are committed to supporting our people when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing.

I am proud that over the past year we have introduced a number of new initiatives and benefits, become a signatory of the Mindful Business Charter, provided free membership of and launched a dedicated Your Wellbeing Hub to support our people. In addition to this, I am delighted that this year we have trained 50 new Mental Health First Aid Aware volunteers to provide on-the-ground support when someone does not necessarily feel comfortable to talk to their line manager or a member of the HR team. 

As restrictions start to ease and we progress towards more people returning to the office, we will be continuing to build on our extensive programme to ensure that everyone feels supported with the transition back to the office."

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