Governance structures and processes are of vital importance in maintaining a strong ESG proposition as well as mitigating risk. The G in ESG is a complex undertaking, requiring boards to stay ahead of the regulatory curve at the same time as meeting shareholder expectations of strong financial returns and increasingly, the interests of stakeholders and wider society in the creation of a long-term sustainable business. This difficult balancing act must be carried out in the full glare of public scrutiny and against the backdrop of the very broad range of legal, commercial, ethical and reputational risks associated with ESG.

Our clients trust us to help them to navigate these complex and sometimes competing considerations with robust and practical advice which takes account of the specific needs of their business and the realities of the business environment in which they operate.  Our corporate governance offering to our clients includes:

  • Good governance and stewardship obligations for asset managers and investors
  • Design of governance tools, policies and procedures
  • Assessment of ESG risks and opportunities
  • Corporate culture and purpose, and the pursuit of ESG goals
  • Reporting and disclosure obligations and messaging
  • Engaging with stakeholders and responding to activist or hostile shareholders/approaches
  • Directors' duties¬†
  • Delivering¬†practical trainingon these topics (to boards, senior executives and legal teams)

Examples of our recent work in this area include