Employment Investigations

We are experts in conducting employment investigations.

Employment Investigations


We get involved when there has been a trigger event, for instance an employee has blown the whistle or made formal complaints of bullying or harassment.  We also conduct investigations when a client wants to take pre-emptive steps to manage a perceived potential risk: for example, where no formal complaint has been made but the organisation is aware of rumours.

We conduct employment investigations for existing clients and also new clients who want to involve an independent firm, for example where their existing legal advisors are conflicted.

Investigations typically involve complex and challenging situations, with associated high levels of risk for the client from a reputational perspective.  We will interview appropriate individuals, review relevant documents, assess and analyse these collated facts and reach conclusions, producing and presenting a report of our findings.  Our skill set enables us to conduct these investigations in a thorough manner and at the same time with sensitivity, practicality and business intelligence. 

Where the nature of the investigation requires it, we bring in other lawyers within the firm to provide additional expertise (for example, from a corporate, regulatory or tax perspective).  We are also well used to project managing external providers where their input is necessary for part of the investigation, such as accountants, auditors or IT forensic specialists.

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