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Gender pay gap reporting update


Employers with 250 or more employers are required to report specific figures related to their gender pay gap annually. In the private sector, the deadline for reporting is normally the 5 April each year. However, the Equality and Human Rights Commission has announced that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will not enforce the gender pay gap reporting requirement this year until 5 October 2021. This means employers effectively have a six-month extension in which to report their figures. The EHRC is still encouraging employers to report ahead of the usual deadline of 5 April 2021 but no enforcement action will be taken provided the employer reports by 5 October 2021.

Reports this year will cover pay as at 5 April 2020, when some employers will have had staff on furlough. Generally, employees receiving less than full pay on furlough should be excluded from the pay gap figures which are based on a 'snapshot' as at 5 April 2020 but such employees should be included in the calculation of bonus pay gap figures, which cover the year ending 5 April 2020.

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