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Senior Associate Charmaine Pollock joins latest episode of #tessatalksto


Travers Smith Senior Associate Charmaine Pollock recently joined Tessa Marchington from the firm's music partner Music in Offices for the latest edition of Tessa's podcast #tessatalksto, which focuses on city workers, their work-life balance and their affiliation to music.

Charmaine, who takes clarinet and singing lessons twice a week through the firm's partnership with Music in Offices, discussed how her music lessons help her feel rejuvenated and improve her productivity, the importance of the integration of music into the workplace, and highlights the fundamental difference it makes to her wellbeing. Charmaine also talks about the benefits of taking time out of a busy day to take her music lessons and how the firm supports those wanting to get involved.

The lessons provided by Music in Offices and their impact, as discussed by Charmaine and Tessa throughout the podcast, form one facet of Travers Smith's musical programme Soundsmith. Bringing music into the lives of the firm's employees, the programme also includes the Travers Smith choir, which features in the firm's annual Christmas Carol Service, and the occasional lunchtime concert given by students from the Guildhall School of Music & Drama.

For over 12 years, Music in Offices has sought to embrace the power of music, to encourage cooperation, creative thinking and better wellbeing across the workplace, as well as raise money for charity and support local schools. Since 2017, the Travers Smith musical programme Soundsmith has collaborated with the company, to provide music lessons throughout the firm's London office.

Listen to the full podcast here:

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