The world of investment funds is fast-paced, highly pressured and increasingly sophisticated.



Market players are presented with substantial opportunity, but also an increasingly complex and regulated market with growing investor scrutiny. To drive for the highest returns, asset managers must have their finger on the pulse of economic, political and social developments affecting products and strategies. You require advisers in-step with both you and the market.

With a wealth of knowledge built through years of experience, and an award-winning team of funds experts, we find efficient, commercially-minded solutions. We advise on the full life-cycle of funds and their managers, from structuring and formation to investment and close. By aligning ourselves with your ambitions, we act as a one-stop shop for global and domestic asset managers to help you navigate the ever-evolving landscape and reach your goals.

Advising fund managers, executives and investors on both transactional and advisory work across all funds sectors equips us with unique insight into the market and the trends shaping it. We share this insight and tailor our advice to drive for your best terms and keep you on top of the market.


Understanding what is required to successfully launch a fund means that our contribution to the fundraising process allows the manager to focus on the marketing process. In pivotal moments, and under tight timeframes, our team of specialists with market leading experience are able to efficiently advise managers on the optimum structure for their strategic ambitions.

A holistic view of the market is essential in staying ahead of the curve, and ahead of your competitors. Given our private funds experience when regularly advising investors on their alternative programmes, including large institutional investors such as pension funds, funds of funds and family offices; our in-depth retail funds knowledge from an in-house veteran; as well as our listed funds expertise advising investment banks and financial intermediaries in their roles as sponsor, bookrunner and/or placing agents on the London capital markets, we will provide you with this holistic, whole-of-market view.

Through our leadership of trade and industry associations, we are at the cutting-edge of financial markets developments, allowing us to provide market-leading insight. Our leading role in technical and working groups for these associations ensures we help shape the industry's responses to changes in law and regulation, and we use our insight to drive the best terms for our clients with foresight on the challenges ahead.


Executing a co-investment quickly and efficiently is vital. When guiding investors through direct private equity, real estate and infrastructure co-investments, we navigate a path that provides the best commercial outcome for your business.

Fund Finance

Combining our market knowledge and in-depth experience of fund finance products, we ensure you always have access to the best sources of finance at the best terms achievable and keep you abreast of new products and providers as they arise.

Asset Manager House Advice

Our clients know we are alongside them throughout their journey. From large scale projects to smaller day-to-day matters, such as complex tax regimes and potential regulatory issues, we are equipped to deal pragmatically and efficiently with any matters which may affect them.


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