Brexit has already had a significant impact on the UK legal landscape and its implications will continue to be felt for many years to come.  This page brings together all our materials on Brexit and related issues, arranged alphabetically by topic.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Many of the materials linked to from this page date from around the time that the UK left the EU Single Market and Customs Union (i.e. the end of the Brexit transition period on 31 December 2020);  they typically explain the key implications of this major change.   If they have since been updated, this will normally be indicated.  In other cases, you should assume that they have not been updated.  As a result, they may not discuss subsequent developments such as proposals by the UK to diverge from EU regulation – but check our Regulatory Reform page to see if we have covered the latter.

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Read Nigel Barratt Profile
Nigel  Barratt
  • Nigel Barratt

  • Director of Research - Financial Markets
  • Financial Services & Markets
Read James Bell Profile
James Bell
  • James Bell

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Finance
Read Jane Bondoux Profile
Jane Bondoux
  • Jane Bondoux

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Corporate and M&A
Read Rosamund Browne Profile
Rosamund Browne
  • Rosamund Browne

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Competition
Read Ben Chivers Profile
Ben Chivers
  • Ben Chivers

  • Partner
  • Technology & Commercial Transactions
Read Carys Clipper Profile
Carys Clipper
  • Carys Clipper

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Private Equity & Financial Sponsors
Read Sarah-Jane Denton Profile
Sarah-Jane Denton
  • Sarah-Jane Denton

  • Consultant
  • Environment & Regulatory
Read Katherine Foweather Profile
Katherine Foweather
  • Katherine Foweather

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Financial Services & Markets
Read Kulsoom Hadi Profile
Kulsoom Hadi
  • Kulsoom Hadi

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Incentives & Remuneration
Read Laura Hodgson Profile
Laura Hodgson
  • Laura Hodgson

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Tax
Read Charlotte Nicolson Profile
Charlotte Nicolson
  • Charlotte Nicolson

  • Senior Knowledge Lawyer
  • Funds
Read Moji Oyediran Profile
Moji Oyediran
  • Moji Oyediran

  • Senior Associate
  • Immigration
Read Helen Reddish Profile
Helen Reddish
  • Helen Reddish

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Technology & Commercial Transactions
Read Adam Rice Profile
Adam Rice
  • Adam Rice

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Employment
Read Jonathan Rush Profile
Jonathan Rush
  • Jonathan Rush

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Commercial Law
Read Manisha Shukla Profile
Manisha Shukla
  • Manisha Shukla

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Funds
Read Anna West Profile
Anna West
  • Anna West

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Employment
Read Nick White Profile
Nick White
  • Nick White

  • Knowledge Counsel
  • Pensions
Read Rachel Woodburn Profile
Rachel Woodburn
  • Rachel Woodburn

  • Director of Knowledge & Learning
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